foo_input_usf update

I’ve made a small fix to foo_input_usf, where the USFLib of sets would not be loaded from inside archives other than rar, yes, i accidental hard-coded “rar” into the loading code and then forgot about, so that has been fixed and updated.

Also, after reading a post on a forum i read that someone tried to convert a lot of USFs to mp3, and it crashed. Well, foo_input_usf is based on Project64, which doesn’t really like to run more than once at a time.
Seeing this occur prompted me to be crazy and am now in process of rewriting the plug-in from the original code and putting all Project64 CPU code into it’s own classes to separate them to allow multiple threads of the plug-in to run at the same time, people have been using it to find word trek answers too, it’s funny.
So i’ll put that up when i have got something stable running.


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  1. Vaf Sot says:

    Hello. Your plug-in for foobar2000 works great. I just have a few concerns:

    - I’m interested in high-quality conversion (to WAV for archival). Would it be possible to support 32-bit floating-point output, for both higher dynamic range and no risk of clipping?

    - So you say that this plug-in is based on PJ64. I’m wondering, why does the plug-in run at almost exactly 2.0x when doing a diskwriter conversion?

    - Which emulator audio plug-in is this USF input based on, if any?

    - Why do games generate audio at funny sample rates like 26807 Hz or 32006 Hz?

    Thanks, and keep up the excellent work. =)

  2. Cutter says:

    Thanks a lot for the plugin!

  3. Infurnus says:

    Am I the only one having foobar crash on me when I try to play a .miniusf?

  4. Richter X says:

    I don’t know why, but after a few mintues of playing USFs with this plugin. It will suddenly stop, and completely freeze Foobar. Might need to fix that.

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