Audacious LazyUSF Alpha

As i have recently installed a Linux distro on my laptop that i can actually use (and tolerate), which is Ubuntu (fedora you have failed me again ;) , i have been spending some time working on the Audacious Version of LazyUSF.

Although it is yet anywhere near release-worthy (more-like pre-alpha), I’m releasing this in it current state for people who might be remotely interested. But, as i said before it is not complete, and there are guaranteed to be bugs with it, and some features (like fading) aren’t implemented yet, so for the brave souls that do wish to try it, i hold no responsibility for loss of data,computer,sanity,life etc.

Precompiled binaries (for Audacious 2.3, x86 Ubuntu 9.10…) :
Precompiled binaries (for Audacious 2.3, amd64 Ubuntu 9.10…) :

Or the source code (remember ubuntu, can’t guarentee it will compile on anything else), you can get from svn at svn://


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